Thursday, 25 March 2010

Worn Out Faces

Head band - Urban Outfitters,
should have picked it up in a colour you can actually see it properly on my head. Oh well. x


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring Online Browesing

There are so many things I want, its unreal, esp some decent looking clogs, I found the above for 35 squids on, which I thought were propper cheeeep, but they look v difficult to walk in.

Clockwise from top left, Fierce hawk print, from £45. Diana Orving, from £206.00. Polly Net Tee, £25. Floral shoes, Topshop, £35. Pam Tee, £25. Mesh long sleeve button up, American Apparel, £41. Deer necklace, Lady Grey Jewellery. Floral dress, Topshop. Mary Poppins necklace, Orion, £38.
Fancy Flamingo, Anna Lou, £35.

Make Up Magic

My photography, make up - Mindy Nettles at

Feel privileged if you see this sticker around london.

Really Enjoying a bit of Urban Outfitters Online

New Hair

Had a new experience yesterday, a hair cut which took about four and a half hours, wow now, including about 8 other "models" and 8 other trainee hair dressers, who only spoke Russian, so the main hairdresser telling them what to do had to speak through a translator, DAMN, it was rather worrying. The out come at the time, was rather gash, the hair dresser butchered my fringe, god knows what she was thinking, thinning it out so much, but after some of my skillful hands and lots of experience in fringe cutting I sorted it, and now pleased with it.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blogging Dilema

I came across this persons blog a while ago, and I have taken an awsome snap shot of her on my street style rounds, someone please help me if you know who she is so I can share it with her :)

Card Hand Outs - Front and Back

Hmm, so I have spent all evening hacking into my brain how to make a double-sided business card: for my street style photography at
And the other side for this blog...
Let me know your thoughts, my brain and eyes are rinsed.
I am not a fan of business card designing...

Simple Lines

Natural Simplicity

Simple Lines