Thursday, 1 March 2012

I'm going out see you f***ers later.

In my pale pink cropped, matching nails and lips, teamed with pastel jeans!

Yo x

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I♡NY | Day Three.

Aleks in his element

When he said that he was going to take me out for the day and had planned the whole day and what we were doing, doing to a trainer shop was not what I expected. BUT, to be fair on him, it was an awesome trainer...or shall I say 'sneaker' store.

Shop sneakers here, Flight Club

So after a nice little trip to the impressive sneaker shop, he then took me on the subway, not telling me where we were heading, but as soon as I stepped out on to the street, the view was beautiful, even in the middle of the street, next to a real busy road.

It took me a while to realise where we actually were,
I ♡ Central Park

It was exactly like the movies, so beautiful, and we were so lucky that the day was completely blue skies without a real cloud in the sky. We wondered round all day, until it got dark, entertaining ourselves by going into the 'Ritz' looking at the prices of their tea and scones, and chancing it to use their toilets. After deciding against having their tea and scones, we went for a horse and cart ride round Central Park instead. It was sickeningly romantic, so much so, that the photograph that was taken by the driver, looked like a wedding photo. whoopsie.
Funny thought.

We then played some chess, on the open chess boards, until the sun went down, a organic hot dog for dinner from a hotdog stand, and went ice skating on the Central Park ice skating rink.


I ♡NY | Day Two.

For day two, in my new york adventures, I was lucky enough to meet my boyfriend out there for a couple of nights, as he was out there the previous 10 days.

Whilst walking through the streets of New York, after a day of shopping with Chloe, I have this crazy, that runs at me from the other side of the pavement, and jumping on me. To mine and Chloe's surprise, we're both standing there with our eyes closed screaming, not knowing what is happening. Until I open my eyes, and there, standing in front of me is Aleks...Not cool!

We made our way through the very hustle and bustle of New York, the one and only
'Times Square'

Where we were approached by many, giving away all sorts of things, which we were then taken to a very nice genteman, and his comedy sketch cheap tickets. He was rather hard to say no to, so we eneded up buying two tickets, getting a third one free at $100, God knows if it was a good deal or not, and at the last showing at midnight, downtown, I wasn't really expecting too much.

It was time to eat, and fortunately for us, on a Friday night in times square, we came across an all American Diner, with singing waiters. It was a bit of a laugh, and a new experience whilst eating the good ol' sticky American Diner food.

when applying for jobs.

i'm not going to lie, but i do get a tad distracted applying for jobs...

but i blame linkedIN they asked for a profile photo, so I had to do as they say, took a photo in my room, although I look a little grumpy, but I really like the lighting and its not bad, for a mac camera photo.

What are you doing today?
I have applied for one job. Much more to go.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I ♡ New York


3 months away with my sister.
3 months of drinking cocktails.
3 months filled with a lot of shopping.

One of my favorite places of course was New York. Breathtakingly beautiful every corner you take, and scenery just like the movies. There wasn't a day I was stuck at taking a nice photo.

Day One: 25.11.11
Excited about yellow taxi's and hotdog stands, it would have been rude not to take the opportunity to capture the sun beaming down on the small yellow hotdog stand in the middle of the pavement.

Leaving the subway at Union Square, 14th street, we found a cute little Christmas market which we had to adventure through, looking at lots of quirky stalls and listening to enlightening conversations of what American's did for their Thanks Giving,(which happened to be the previous day.)

After having a mooch around the Christmas market, we adventured through the streets, wondering around like typical tourists, snapping at every opportunity we had, and walking with our heads pointing upwards, taking in the surrounding buildings.

Having shopped in and around a few shops, a shop that really got my attention, but not completely for the right reasons, was LF Stores, (150 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011) Selling beautiful, stylish clothing and accessories, but not taking any care of them, and it all just seemed to be dumped in piles, randomly around the store, with no thought to merchandising what so ever. Yes the clothes were nice, they probably sell themselves, but seriously, when your selling garments at that price, shouldn't you think about caring for them before the customer purchases them? It was such a strange shop, but filled with the most beautiful things, I actually wanted to buy it all...but instead just purchased the silver skull bracelet in the picture above.