Saturday, 15 May 2010

Turban Love

My mum lent me this turban for a photo shoot at the end of last summer, and I fell in love with it straight away, I have been snapped up by the style hunter ffom Grazia magazine, and have also been on So all in all, its just fab.

Photos from Thursday night, Your Mumas House. more to come up in the next few days of glittery eyes and the stylish x

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gaga watch out.

Listen to this, its emmence, little boy does Gaga.

Station Magazine. Edge & Barrett of Hackney

I came across these three issues of Station Magazine today.
They are so tasty, with lush arts, and beautiful photography, check them fully here.

My friend Mindy Nettles received an email from them to do some art work for them.
Rather exciting!! Well...she is rather talented, so who can blame them.

The Chains Of Love

I really would like to buy this rib cage chain, and nearly did, but stopped myself before I continued to purchase item, as it was rediculous, I can't afford $100 for a necklace. Ok its in dollars, but whats that £70 no can do. This makes me sad, but once I get a job, it will happen, and I will buy LOTS of pretty things, and hopefully go to LOTS of pretty places.

The first two weeks of July I shall be going to Brighton, and Falmouth, which will be beautiful.

Photography above from the wonderful Fashion Squad here.
To be luck and purchase a chain, go to chains of love, here.

And a little illustration to pass the time of day. x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I couldn't have my naked ugly face staring at you when you open the page, so I had to put something in the way, so it wasn't over powered by my bare face.

Topshop Makeover

I just HAD to give it a go, and see what it is really like, as I have seen SO many awful tries, I was thinking it was a bad move from Topshop, but its not, people just can't seem to do it very well...

Thinking Time

I have been contemplating whether I have done enough for the layouts of my books, I was so busy and preoccupied with getting together whats going on in the insides, that I am now feeling that the layout isn't exciting enough to stand out, which makes me sad, lets just hope that the hard work and the images within the books are good enough to be appreciated.

I am so excited to see them printed and shall be posting them up here very soon.
For the time being I have left you with one of my illustrations x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Love from home

Well, I as I will be moving out in a couple of months, I thought I would post a few images of my surroundings, where I have been living these last two years of uni, how I will miss an amazing size flat, with me and one amazing other, it has been perfect, but things change, and I must get up and go, but I shall be back in London once again very soon.

You'll See x

Golden Oldie

I know its not a great capture, and its EXTREMELY blurred, (I think I was getting used to my rather new camera at the time,) but I just found this photo which I took over a year ago, and I would just like to point out that my legs most certainly do NOT look like this anymore.
This is rather sad times for me. So I just want to put this up, and have something to work to, for summer. And having a chinese takeaway tonight, do not help matters.


To do

I have been thinking, when I leave university, and move into a bigger bedroom, I want it PERFECT, to take lots of nice pictures. I will be moving into a bedroom, with a nice big window which backs onto the back garden, letting all the sunshine in.

I want to start collecting nice things,
I want to buy sandals with heels and wear pretty white girly sock with them,
I want to have nice brown legs, and to wear them out in the summer, and not hide them away.
I am going to buy beautiful bedding, and to purchase my first big mirror / wardrobe.
I want to post things on my blog every day, and time to make myself feel good every day.
Most of all, I want my cat and my boyfriend to be there with me every day.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Birthday Nn

A close up of Mindy Nettle's handy work for my birthday card.
Its so amazing it can have its own post.


Power of Heels

1. Topshop on wishwishwish
2. Mui Mui shoes on Cerry Blossom Girl
3. Collection from insearchoflittlesadie

"Shoes: The higher, the more expensive, the better. 'It's totally impossible to be well dresses in cheap shoes,' according to Sir Hardy Amies."

The higher the heel, the tighter the calves, while the thinner the heel the greater the optical illusion. Therefore the overall ratio to apply is:

Heel height + width - thighs + calves x 2 = legs + bum/wiggle

-Camilla Morton

On the other hand, according to Oprah Winfrey there are 6 must have shoes and they are:
1. Black Pump (in a kitten heel)
2. Comfortable Flat
3. Evening shoe (in neutral or gold)
4. Sleek Comfortable Sneaker
5. Tall Boot
6. All Weather Boots

London Views

I have finally completed all seven of my books, and just about to send them off to print today, HOW EXCITING! I can't WAIT for the outcome, I do hope the £400 I will be spending on the printing of fourteen books will be worth it.

I have left you with some sun shadows and views from my window in all seasons, where I have been living the past two years, and soon to be moving out of in just under two months, sad times.

Also the birthday card I got from my flat mate Mindy yesterday, Happy Birthday to me for yesterday, it was a lovely day with three lots of surprises, as I thought I would be spending it alone, completing my books. turns out, my boyfriend, then my step sister came to surprise me on the Saturday night, followed the next day by my Dad and Kate, with Annica at the restaurant for lunch.

The most beautiful thing in the world, I couldn't have asked for more. x