Monday, 10 May 2010

London Views

I have finally completed all seven of my books, and just about to send them off to print today, HOW EXCITING! I can't WAIT for the outcome, I do hope the £400 I will be spending on the printing of fourteen books will be worth it.

I have left you with some sun shadows and views from my window in all seasons, where I have been living the past two years, and soon to be moving out of in just under two months, sad times.

Also the birthday card I got from my flat mate Mindy yesterday, Happy Birthday to me for yesterday, it was a lovely day with three lots of surprises, as I thought I would be spending it alone, completing my books. turns out, my boyfriend, then my step sister came to surprise me on the Saturday night, followed the next day by my Dad and Kate, with Annica at the restaurant for lunch.

The most beautiful thing in the world, I couldn't have asked for more. x


  1. I love London! I can't wait to come back soon! :) And by the way plase let me know how I can get a copy of your book! :)

  2. congrats on finishing your books! you astound me as to how you still manage to always blog so well at the same time
    keep it up! good luck x

  3. Hey, good luck with the print. For future print I can not recommend Mark at Kopykat enough, he made my print mission a breeze.

    Also those light photos would make a perfect submission for part of the ROLU xhib (assignment 5: might be worth doing as it is soo easy- an xhib to add to CV too. Anyway congrats and good luck. x


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