Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Chains Of Love

I really would like to buy this rib cage chain, and nearly did, but stopped myself before I continued to purchase item, as it was rediculous, I can't afford $100 for a necklace. Ok its in dollars, but whats that £70 no can do. This makes me sad, but once I get a job, it will happen, and I will buy LOTS of pretty things, and hopefully go to LOTS of pretty places.

The first two weeks of July I shall be going to Brighton, and Falmouth, which will be beautiful.

Photography above from the wonderful Fashion Squad here.
To be luck and purchase a chain, go to chains of love, here.

And a little illustration to pass the time of day. x


  1. I live near Falmouth, are you going for work or holiday? Great picture by the way x

  2. i looove the illustration of Fashion Squad:)

    Im going to be at uni in Falmouth next year :D yaY!

  3. Amazing illustration are you an artist? :XX
    Lu from Prague


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