Tuesday, 11 May 2010

To do

I have been thinking, when I leave university, and move into a bigger bedroom, I want it PERFECT, to take lots of nice pictures. I will be moving into a bedroom, with a nice big window which backs onto the back garden, letting all the sunshine in.

I want to start collecting nice things,
I want to buy sandals with heels and wear pretty white girly sock with them,
I want to have nice brown legs, and to wear them out in the summer, and not hide them away.
I am going to buy beautiful bedding, and to purchase my first big mirror / wardrobe.
I want to post things on my blog every day, and time to make myself feel good every day.
Most of all, I want my cat and my boyfriend to be there with me every day.


  1. Ahh! this is exactly how i feel1! My partner and I are finishing uni in 3 weeks and then in a few months hopefully getting our own house and we want it to be perfect! :D we're even thinking about getting a cute scottish fold xD

  2. these all sound like very good things. i hope you get them all! xx

  3. I love a to do list and this one is perfect! x


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