Monday, 10 May 2010

Power of Heels

1. Topshop on wishwishwish
2. Mui Mui shoes on Cerry Blossom Girl
3. Collection from insearchoflittlesadie

"Shoes: The higher, the more expensive, the better. 'It's totally impossible to be well dresses in cheap shoes,' according to Sir Hardy Amies."

The higher the heel, the tighter the calves, while the thinner the heel the greater the optical illusion. Therefore the overall ratio to apply is:

Heel height + width - thighs + calves x 2 = legs + bum/wiggle

-Camilla Morton

On the other hand, according to Oprah Winfrey there are 6 must have shoes and they are:
1. Black Pump (in a kitten heel)
2. Comfortable Flat
3. Evening shoe (in neutral or gold)
4. Sleek Comfortable Sneaker
5. Tall Boot
6. All Weather Boots


  1. Have you seen the miu miu heels in that style with the white cat pattern? AMAZING! Belated happy birthday, hope you had a fabulous day x

  2. ohhh shoes!! yes there are just too many beautiful pairs out there! love the miu miu ones. xx


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