Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lost Things

Steven Alan "Mixed Doubles" Spring 2011 from crystal moselle on Vimeo.

Set to feel-good tunes, the film follows lovey-dovey couples through the seriously picturesque streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The clothes, which comprise Steven Alan's new spring 2011 collection, are charmingly laid-back and preppy.
Directed by Crystal Moselle, with art direction by Piera Gelardi, creative direction by Kava Gorna, and styling by Masha Orlov.

Lost Things is a short stop-motion film...

Written & Directed by - Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths
Music - Sleepwaking by A Fine Frenzy
Wardrobe - Sarah Schaub and Sunshine Wright

Friday, 10 September 2010

Ksubi Eyewear

Check out what the Australian bad-boy fashion duo have designed for their eyewear collection. These shades should be in store later this month.

source stopstealingmylook

London Love

The bank holiday weekend just passed, I had a brilliant time up high on a roof party, the view which one of my close friends has was just magnificent and definitely the best place to have a birthday bash.

There is a lot I should be doing. And not doing any of it. Whoops.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Show Me Your Teeth

Whilst waiting for my 2nd interview at Ted Baker this morning, I was inspired by a photograph a few posts down and thought I would do something quite similar myself with my recent purchases, and some not so.

I felt the Ted Baker interview went well, but all we need to do now is wait until Saturday, I am EVER so excited to hear back. Fingers crossed :)

Show Me Your Teeth.
I am a fan of Lady Gaga.
I saw her live.
Boo Yea.

When I Grow Up

I have been a fan of Fever Ray for quite some time now, listening to her music, but I had no idea of what she was like, or her style, and I came across this video on 5 inch and up and fell deeply in love. I love what she has with her brother, The Knife, but she has something quite different on her own, and is ever so talented.

Shop - Ear Cuffs

I came across a magical blog, Style Hurricane with some amazing hand made ear cuffs for sale featured above, if I had a spare few squids in my bank, I would most definitely get myself one...or two..

Thank you Anni Jurgenson for your Style Hurricane.

Purchase some beauties at 30USD here.

If you go down to the Woods Today

If I was a rich girl
My Outfit wishlist.

I am really enjoying topshops new season, introducing faux ears and the antler headband by Unique, I am a fan of the animals, and I'm hoping that either one of these two accessories will be on my head in the next month or so.

Antler Heardband by Unique £80, Faux Fur Wolf Ears £28, Topshop.
Images; Unique Fashion Show Video Capture, Olsen twin - Unknown source

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Michelle Hicks kicks it off for LFstores

Whilst browsing the internet, I came across this deliciously styled and beautifully taken look book, loving its Indian themed layers and plaits, its a bit of a delight to the eyes.

LF Stores Fall 2010 Preview Lookbook, styling by Alexandra Sherman, make up and hair Sunnie Brook Jones, beautiful model Michelle Hicks, photographer IDKarts.

Love Violetta E

I have been a facebook follower of Violetta E for a while now, and she never fails to please. She has recently been blogging some amazing looks, and I feel she should have so many more followers than she does, she is ever so talented, living in a beautiful home and city.

Take a look at her brilliantness here.

Hope your all well, I have my second interview for Ted Baker today, I NEEEED this job so bad, its been 3 months being an unemployed ex student.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Taking in the view

Last bank holiday weekend, I was at the best party in town, on the rooftop with one of the best views of London for free. It was absolutely beautiful, taking my breath away every time I turned my head.

I tried to capture it to my best ability with the camera, but it was nothing compared to the real beauty.