Thursday, 9 September 2010

If you go down to the Woods Today

If I was a rich girl
My Outfit wishlist.

I am really enjoying topshops new season, introducing faux ears and the antler headband by Unique, I am a fan of the animals, and I'm hoping that either one of these two accessories will be on my head in the next month or so.

Antler Heardband by Unique £80, Faux Fur Wolf Ears £28, Topshop.
Images; Unique Fashion Show Video Capture, Olsen twin - Unknown source


  1. i love this wishlist!!!

    lovely blog

    im a Reading girl too :)


  2. thanks for your comment sweet.
    means a lot (:
    i love your blog.
    & omg these topshops ears are so on my wishlist now.


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