Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The F Blog

Naturally beautiful, Danielle comes to join us for tea and cake looking great.
In all black in the summers sun, mixing it up with sandals, a summers hat, and a thick knit for later when the breeze welcomes us.
Very well thought out.



Style East

Pulling her signature pose, Jen always impresses.
Mixing it up with vintage clothing, and pulling it off with ease.
The one who invited me to this event originally, big thanks to her.
She is lush, and very talented with many interests and secret hobby's.



Park and Cube

Park and Cube, a very stylish blog, with lots of personal posts, beautiful self portraits and wonderful clothes, and a friendly blogger to top things off.
With many followers, and numerous of comments on each post, she is faw shaw a popular one.



The Style Crusader

A gorgeous girl, with a wonderful blog, a beautiful personality and style to match.
Whilst studying Politics, her blogging most likely keeps her sane.
A fun filled blog full of style, from the people she meets on the streets, or of what she is wearing in the summers sun, along side thoughtful stories, its a daily reader.



Platform Princess

Happy Birthday to you dear blogger.
Sipping on champagne, alongside a cake is the most fabulous way to spend your birthday afternoon, and you did it well in that lovely maxi dress.
Thank you for a lovely day at the Orangery, Kensington.
Absolutely wonderful.
I do hope you had a good day



The Stylish Walking

Oh damn it.
Being in my hungover state, I forgot I had to go to into uni.
A blogging spree later, I realise... I'm most likely still a little drunk.

But there shall be the remainder bloggers to come later.

Style Slicker

A gorgeous, stylish being with a lovely smile, style slicker / Kit a free lance stylist assistant with a wonderful blog and AMAZING cameras, I couldn't keep my eyes off them, I was a teeeny weeny bit green, has a wonderful blog, with lots of inspirations and outfits.



Not Just Medical

A beautiful girl from Hong Kong who moved over here three years ago to study the medicals.
With amazing style, and gorgeous personality, she was just marvelous to hang out with for the day.
Check her blog for frequent updates of her style of the day and sneaky peaks out and around London.



Snippets Of Shiny Thoughts

This little cutey from my uni made a nice surprise showing yesterday which was lush.
A great blogger, who knows everything going down, to everyone moving up.
A colourful treat from the north of London who loves her cakes.



Style By Queens

A lovely blog by a cute twosome.
Full of style and favorite things from blogs to shopping sprees.
From someone who studies law, she has taken up a marvelous hobby, and should keep it up,
and turning 22 is not such a bad thing.



Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Going Out Reflection

Had such an amazing time today with the blogging ladies, LOADS to come tomorrow, but for now, I shall leave you an awful dusty picture of my going out outfit... I like what I am wearing, but very much dislike my photo... error, hopefully some nice ones will be taken tonight.

Much Love. x

Monday, 24 May 2010

My Friends are so Talented

Mindy Nettles, is so Talented.
This cute little drawing of me with my favs things in my hair, how fab is this?!
You MUST go check the others she did of our crew, they are beautiful. Just by looking at the drawing with our favorite things in our hair, you see a little bit of our personalities.

Go check them here.