Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Eat a delicate white flower.

Krystof Strozyna was one of my favourite collections, It was all ready to wear, and I would have most definitely been happy to wear every item. I love lace, and I love the cool colours, and beige. So 10 out of 10 on a personal level. You also picked a beautiful model which I have photographed a couple of times in the checked shirt. Stunning.

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Candy coloured, ruched and ruffled.

Hanging backstage at Jasper Garvida SS11 was very exciting, with awsome makeup and hair, waiting for marvelous things to be shown on the catwalk.
With sparkles and candy coloured flavouring, the catwalk was a burst of enchanted, colourful

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To the sound of click clacking heels.

Design duo Sergio Pires and Nicholas Humphrey delivered one of my favorite shows this season.
With the opening sound of clicking heels, models with white faces and frayed hair walked out in pairs complimenting each others looks.

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A good show to take a photographers front row seat in.
Thank you Romeo Pires.


It itsn't often I get a good hair day.

Having a fringe can become highly annoying, so what I do a lot is wear headbands, just so the wind cant get at me, and part my fringe in all ways unattractive.


Stay true to your British heritage.

With the honor working backstage this week at Freemason's Hall gave me the opportunity to experience everything fashion. Photographing the designers to hair and make up and rehearsals.

Special guest Anna Popplewell, (Chronicle's of Narnia) beautifully glides down Elliott's magical catwalk.

Illustration held by designer Elliott J. Frieze by Kelly Anna.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Welcoming Bolshie

"Do not under-estimate 18 year old Rhiannon Jones; she may be young and she may not have a swanky masters degree behind her but my god is she determined. After being asked to leave school at the tender age of 15 when her teachers objected to the way she dressed, Rhiannon packed up and moved to the big smoke where she subsequently launched her career as a fashion designer under the name, ‘Bolshie.’ Now two years on, Bolshie has officially invaded the fashion world with wild wacky prints and structurally shaped garments, all designed and made by Rhiannon herself, in her east end studio."

For more information please visit Bolshie's website or take a trip to Machine-A in Soho to buy a Bolshie original now!

Words: Sarah Barlow
Illustrations: Vic Riches

Images above by me, whilst at VFS

Above, from her website.


Exhibitors at Freemason's Hall, Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

There was lots going on and much to see this week in the Vauxhall Fashion exhibition room upstairs of the Freemans Hall. From designers featured all week, such as Charlotte Taylor featured above to special guests such as Bolshie.

For more about designers featured in above images please check out exhibition at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.