Saturday, 6 March 2010


Orla Kiely Lookbook, for spring / summer 2010.
Beauitfully peaceful.

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I think i have come to the portfolio decision

Hey there you wonders, a couple of days ago I asked for a bit of help on my portfolio cover ideas, and I think I have decided to scrap all the ones with photography on the front as I don't want the front cover to relate what will be on the inside as my projects are so broad, there is so much in there, so I have gone for (hopefully) an eye stopping illustration.

Please let me know your thoughts.
Thanking you muchly.

Friday, 5 March 2010

This is my life...

Ladybirds and Lipsticks

Just having a little draw today, after looking at lots of illustrated blogs for a friend, and really felt i hadn't done any for ages, and came up with this, which i thought was pretty cute as a double page spread...I'm tempted to make it into an illustrated story once i have time again...
I also miss my cat.

With great love to Kai Z Feng, which I scanned in the image above from Lula magazine issue 10, as its just absolutely fab. and looks great along side my illustration.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tie Dye Scarf bordem.

I bought this tie dye scarf off of a girl when we were doing a fashion shoot, i am so addicted to it, probably the best thing i have bought for a long time :)

Portfolio cover ideas

The text on this one shall be embossed, debossed or foiled.
I'm feeling its a bit dull for a folio though. Size just under A3.
This one, just how it is. Size just under A3.
This one here will have a little outer lay, which will be sized a little smaller than A4 to lift up to view the images on the left, just for a bit of an interactive front cover. Size just under A3.

They are all based around more of a magazine layout rather than a book.
I am having a little difficulty deciding what to do / lay out my portfolio which I will be making personally...Please drop by with any comments.

Please Help

I'm trying to decide what is my favorite London Photograph to put on my portfolio front cover...
please HELP, all comments welcome.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

London Fashion Week. Some Day or Other.

Out from a Show a camera will never be far away.

American Vintage green coat, I Love.

A lovely showing from Diane Pernet.

Wearing a mac and clogs is a season must,
plus lots of the same tones in layers you'll never go wrong.

Oh "BOY" Red Head, I like your heels.

A nice way to wear a carpet dress with white fur.

Plastic tiara and matching waterproof.

Purple bold against black and white stripes

Another Few from London Fashion Week, I have lost days which,
so I'm just going to go with the flow.

London Fashion Week. Day Mix Up.

A models dark Side

Fireing Red.

Cookie Monster Fashion.

Get your mood on whilst wearing fur and silver wedgie with black socks.

Red Wellingtons vs Tweed.

Leopard Leggings

Miss Style Bubble, yes?

Poroxide Blue, alongside carpet dress yum.

Chanel and Treasure Box

Crazy Techno

Some Stylish people, I like. Some London Photography joined in.
I enjoy taking photo's of stylish people, and they actually come across really friendly, which is nice :)

Look of London Love

A Sticker, you may start finding around London... If you do...Think of me :)

My Life for the next 3 months on a table.

Final Major Is coming up, and DAMN. its scary, so i have planned, my non existent life for it.
It gets a bit sparse towards the end of it, but we'll get back to that once my brain has caught up (so closer to the time)

Look of London Love

Books I designed and made at the end of 2009. The look of London love.
A Project I am concentrating around the Look of London, including street style, places to be, places to see, walks and drinks.

Including 4 different types of papers, from tracing paper, to cartridge paper.
I am currently updating these books for the final book launch at the end of May.

NT x