Thursday, 4 March 2010

Portfolio cover ideas

The text on this one shall be embossed, debossed or foiled.
I'm feeling its a bit dull for a folio though. Size just under A3.
This one, just how it is. Size just under A3.
This one here will have a little outer lay, which will be sized a little smaller than A4 to lift up to view the images on the left, just for a bit of an interactive front cover. Size just under A3.

They are all based around more of a magazine layout rather than a book.
I am having a little difficulty deciding what to do / lay out my portfolio which I will be making personally...Please drop by with any comments.


  1. I like them all so much!
    Great work :)
    And thanks for stopping by,.. and ur lovely comment.
    I'm glad to a new reader from UK :)

    T. Linh xoxo

  2. lovely blog ! I love your header !
    thanks for following my blog.

  3. The second is really nice, although reminiscent of I love you magazine and on trend, it is engaging and urges you to look further into the content. Perhaps the combination of this with the last idea of the outer lay would be the best, especially if you use a range of different stocks to increase the tactile experience, everyone loves print as object. What is the titling font on the second?

    Hope that's of some use and wonderful blog.

  4. I like them a lot but like the idea of the embossing on the first one. Great blog btw, I'm your newest follower!



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