Tuesday, 2 March 2010

London Fashion Week. Some Day or Other.

Out from a Show a camera will never be far away.

American Vintage green coat, I Love.

A lovely showing from Diane Pernet.

Wearing a mac and clogs is a season must,
plus lots of the same tones in layers you'll never go wrong.

Oh "BOY" Red Head, I like your heels.

A nice way to wear a carpet dress with white fur.

Plastic tiara and matching waterproof.

Purple bold against black and white stripes

Another Few from London Fashion Week, I have lost days which,
so I'm just going to go with the flow.


  1. that green coat is adorable!want!!

  2. those two top girls were totally my fave models from this fashweek! The ginger one has to be the thinnest girl i've ever seen and the other one just the most stunningly ethereal creature ever! I first saw her in the flesh when i worked on a casting last season and she stood out a thousand miles for me! Then she was modelling for Topshop and i felt proud haha!

  3. Glad i came across your blog, now following, love love the outfit photos! You have great eye :)



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