Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Stylish Walking

Oh damn it.
Being in my hungover state, I forgot I had to go to into uni.
A blogging spree later, I realise... I'm most likely still a little drunk.

But there shall be the remainder bloggers to come later.


  1. Oh, wow, Nicole, you've been busy! Much more important than uni. ; )

    Only just doing my first post now - then must run out to the Uniqlo press event. It was lovely to meet you. We didn't get much time to chat: if you'd like, let's swap links ( & twitter is @polkadot23

  2. Oh, babe... I see you've already linked me! And with a heart yet! thank you. Will get you up asap. ; )

  3. Was so great meeting you yesterday. I actually meant to tell you that you are so naturally stunning! I hope I didn't ramble on too much, I think from now my motto will be 'less drink, more food'.



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