Thursday, 9 September 2010

Show Me Your Teeth

Whilst waiting for my 2nd interview at Ted Baker this morning, I was inspired by a photograph a few posts down and thought I would do something quite similar myself with my recent purchases, and some not so.

I felt the Ted Baker interview went well, but all we need to do now is wait until Saturday, I am EVER so excited to hear back. Fingers crossed :)

Show Me Your Teeth.
I am a fan of Lady Gaga.
I saw her live.
Boo Yea.


  1. Me too, she rules! Great photo of you! Good luck with Ted Baker...come back to London SOON! x

  2. Good luck with Ted Baker:)...
    The first photo is Amazing!
    p.s. and thank you for following me:)

  3. great photos! i saw her live too, she's phenomenal!

    love your blog!


  4. Gaga for president! She's aaamazing, we may have been at the same gig, if this is from the tour in February?

  5. Katie, it was a little later, I think May time, oh yes, May 24th I remember it was near a very important hand in date. Probably my last ever <3


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