Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Love from home

Well, I as I will be moving out in a couple of months, I thought I would post a few images of my surroundings, where I have been living these last two years of uni, how I will miss an amazing size flat, with me and one amazing other, it has been perfect, but things change, and I must get up and go, but I shall be back in London once again very soon.

You'll See x


  1. Awww. So sad. I did this too last year at college. I loved my little house.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment :)
    I do not know if we ran into each other, probably not as I would have remembered.. I only attended the first two days as I had to catch my plane home on Monday :)

    Now I'll have a look at your blog posts!

  3. your flat looks lovely. very impressive collection of books/magazines! good luck with this time of transition! it's scary but change is good. xx

  4. :O! you have Tim Walkers Pictures! I was very close to buying it but it was .. just .. a bit too much..
    congrats on the books - cant wait to see them!
    p.s invite in your inbox soon x


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