Thursday, 25 February 2010

Life is Beautiful

A shoot I participated on today.
These are just a few out of many I took on the side lines. Four of my favourites.
With big thanks to Mindy Nettles and Olivia Wardle.


  1. Is this you? Or did you take the pictures? Either way, simply gorgeous!
    I love your blog, it's centered around beauty (what I've tried to do with mine as well, to an extent) and I really love that.

  2. No not be, but a friend, she is just great in front of the camera isn't she, I took these pictures, it was a long day, but great, i have more to come soon :) xx

  3. wowww! that shoot is incredible!
    thankss! hehe i agree i was lucky to go to shows but theres tooo much! its rele hard editing down what you want to talk about!
    No, i wasn't with Ryan, was he there?! god i wish i'd seen him, bet he was having a ball hahaha!

  4. amazing shots, loving your blog


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