Friday, 16 April 2010

I need your help. Yet again.

So for my end of year show, the design team (myself and 3 others) are producing a catalogue to illustrate individuals work, and I have placed two up for your opinions of which text you prefer
the look of, or what I perhaps should change. I have had a little trouble because, what I do is very broad, involving photography, styling, make-up, graphics, illustration, and to show my skills on an A5 is a little tricky.

Oh ps, they are practically the same, but its the text that is bugging me...

So your comments please. much love. x


  1. DEFINATELY the second one :)

  2. yep. I reckon second !!


  3. i reckon the second image too!

    it looks great & definitely makes me want to see your end of year show!


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