Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Old Truman Brewery

(a phone capture)

I welcome you to come and touch one of my books this weekend.

Which ever one you want to lay your hands on, be it, East London, or Camden, perhaps Nottinghill, there is a book for all, seven to be precise, this video is just a sneaky preview of what to expect.

So come on over to the Truman Brewery this weekend in East London, and I will welcome you with a smile and a photograph, and maybe cake.


Ps if you come, and say your from a blog, I'll give you a free poster 50x70 cm.
I have three to give away.

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  1. ummm... nicole. i am a little freaking blown away right now. this is insanely beautiful. i would love to come check them out but i've got an exam on monday so will be stuck home studying. can i please please see them sometime soon? that is seriously beautiful. like, i would pay to have one.... but only if i could get it signed. you are super talented my love. i really can't wait to see these in person. xx

  2. oh, goodness gracious, nicole did you shoot these? where specifically can i find these books? you are amazing!! xox

  3. Oh my, your too cute :) this made me awwwwwww throughout the comment :) well, what we will just have to do is another blogger meet up, and you can faw shaw see them for real. Once you are done we shall do a little planning sesh, and I will being them with me this time :) Much Love. xx

  4. Aww thanks Jill :) I did shoot these, they are my books which I have designed, made and printed for my final project for university :) I am going to try really really hard to try and get them published this weekend, fingers crossed xx

  5. ahh amazing!!!!! truman breweries are super close to my flat, may have to make a trip over there on sunday! xxx

  6. I'll pop down at the weekend too! I'll text you Nicole. Well done, they look amazing! I see you put the girl with the clock bag on one of the covers, she was amazing! x

  7. AH MY GAHHD! cant cant wait to see all this Nicole, im squealing with excitement!! heard today was a little manic but i cant wait to see you all and dish out hugs tomorrow! :D
    it looks so so so good!

  8. had a peak at your books, theyre beautiful. like the english version of 'fruits'


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