Thursday, 16 September 2010

Its when my jumper shines.

Has had a bit of a slow summer, It was amazing at the beginning after I graduated, but after my amazing summer holidays, it just hit a major low...I hit a major low, but things have finally picked up!!

I have been asked by Vauxhall fashion Scout to document through photographs for the next few days at London Fashion Week, how exciting, I shall be posting the best up, and I hope you enjoy the photo's as much as I have enjoyed taking them.



  1. wow, what an awesome opportunity - i look forward to the posts (: and oh my word, jumper envy!

  2. yes, your jumper does shine!!!
    love your bedroom...
    and looking forward to the post!

  3. EHEM! what on earth have you done to pic number two! big nono Nike - and SO not necessary. xxxx

  4. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! ur blogs awesome and your soo prettyy :)i would love if you followed me!
    love always bek xox

  5. you are stunning! love your style and blog, so happy i just ran across it! xx meg

  6. great pics! love your blog!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your comment! don't hesitate to come back, or catch up with new via bloglovin or facebook.
    xoxo from rome


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