Wednesday, 1 September 2010

When I went to Visit the Seaside

I love my friends.

It was one of the girls birthdays a couple of weekends ago, and yes I still have no job, and yes I still have no money, but it would have been rude of me to miss out on this beautiful trip, to Plymouth. I never realised how pretty Plymouth was, oh silly London girl, and my non cultured self.

I have two interviews coming up this week, one in Topshop, and the other in Ted Baker, both of them would be a bit lush. So fingers crossed.

Ps if you havn't commented on my street style photos on Vogue (below) Pretty Pretty Please could you do the honors to help me become a successful street style photographer.
I hope you are well. xx


  1. such beautiful pics Nikes!
    I've randomly been asked to go and design for a studio called Work Club in London, so I am manically trying to sort out my folio and start a little project they've given me. SO wasn't expecting any of this! good tho I guess :)
    I also have my screening for my medical to do with the clinical trial tomorrow, haha - fun times! xxx

  2. I commented! It hadn't appeared last time I looked, think there's a delay. LOVE your horse cardi in these shots btw. Good luck with the interviews! x

  3. this is absolutely gorgeous!! and i love the shot of someone (you?) as a silhouette in front of the aquarium.

  4. awesome pictures! you're such a beauty <3


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