Thursday, 11 November 2010

Don’t drink the punch at parties.

I love my sister.

She is a beaut.

And a talented.

And I want to keep in my pocket for ever and for always.

Love her blog here.

and here.


  1. definetly gonna check her blog out! great phot

  2. i recently discovered your blog! it`s amazing, keep going on good job!i`m looking forward for new posts! you may check on mine, you`ll love it! if you follow , i shall return the favor! thanx!

  3. oh my goodness - actually how wonderful are you!?? can't wait for the weekend! love you millions! xxx

  4. your sister is beautiful! :) adore that photo of her. it's so amazing how loving the two of you are. i've always wanted a sister, but i only have an older brother, hehe.

    hope you're well, darling. x


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