Thursday, 4 August 2011


Ok, so the beautiful black boots to the left are from Topshop premium, and I have fallen in LOVE with them, and really want them, but I went into Topshop Westfields today to try them on, they were there, HAPPY DAYS!! But when I tried them on, I hd to go up a size, and they were still pretty damn tight, and I am wondering whether they will be good for me all day at work... but they are fit! They are £110 but there is a possibility I could get 20% off... £88

The beautiful brown ones are from the one and only Ted Baker, and they are just stunning, much nicer than they look in the picture for some reason and they price at £165 not yet tried them on, but I don't want to fall for them too soon, and go crazy on my allowance, but I can get either 30% off making them £115.50 oooooor take the absolute piss and use a big chunk of my uniform allowance and get them for £41.25 AHHH

WHAT SHALL I DO?!? Any suggestions?....

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  1. Topshop ones! I have some very similar ones for TS that I got a few weeks ago that were supper narrow, but they have loosened up now and fit like a dream. (Get the Ted ones next payday!) :)



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