Sunday, 4 March 2012

I ♡ NY || found love on day four

On 11 West 53rd Street, on our way to M.O.M.A

We found this awesome LOVE sign placed in the middle of the pavement, which Chloe and myself had to take full advantage of right away.

Feeling all arty and real excited about visiting M.O.M.A we merrily bounced through the large double doors to buy a ticket to go for a walk around, only to find out, that it wasn't open for much longer as it was a Wednesday and closed at 5pm the tickets were $25 and for that price we wouldn't get to see much, so we planned to do it another day....

It never happened...Oops.

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  1. *cough* RIP OFF *cough*

    hahahahahahahaha. gooooowd tiiimes. xxx


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