Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pretty as a Peach.


I have been searching for a kitty for so, so long! and so one eventually ended up on my lap in a kitty box on the overground one day. It was lovely.

Meet Artilla (Atilla the Hun, said with a posh accent.) , AKA Tillie, AKA Lil' Man.


Currently he is in my bottom drawer having a snooze. I can't get enough of him.

Job hunting is boring when he's around, distracting me. Good boy Tillie.

Good boy.


  1. Stephen Coulson21 June 2012 at 02:42

    Serendipidy now has me teaching a course in practical philosophy and next week's topic is 'The Power of Beauty' so, as you do, I Googled that and your blog appeared as number 3 in the list of possibilities thrown up in 0.6 seconds (good boy Mr Google). I loved the lack of words in your blog thus allowing the pictures to do the talking.
    Unfortunately for me I didn't find anything to assist me in preparing next week's presentation but there is always the other 65,999 Google offerings!
    I only decided to comment on the blog because I noticed that there were none recorded and I thought a girl from Reading who has lived such an interesting life as you should have at least one comment on her blog.
    Maybe I'll even look in again sometime.
    Best wishes,
    Stephen (in bloody Watford - arse end of the M25)

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