Monday, 3 May 2010

Spring / Summer Denim Shirts.

I am loving the denim shirt look this summer, you can wear them with anything, and it looks great. On the plus side, you can buy one at your taste, being if its a vintage gem,
or from a high street love.

I woke up late today, it was awful, I feel really bad, especially as I have so much to do, including designing the Degree Show Catalogue, and I only have a week left to do this, aswell as my seven books, damn. Its also really hard to pleae everyone with the designing of the catalogue. When I think that it may be complete, the graphic boys will come back at me with plenty to change and questions about things I haven't even thought about.
I think I have piled the work on too high.

Also, what is the weather doing today, woke up at 9.20 it was grey, then 10.30 it was sunny, and the finally at 11.30 it was raining.

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