Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bye for two weeks.

So I am moving back to Reading tomorrow, there are ups and downs to the move,

Double room (YES, bye bye single bed, hello spacey bed, after three years)
5mins from train station, 30 mins from padds,
no rent until I find a job.
Living with my bestest friend / step sister, and two others, one from Italy, and another who has recently bought to cats (LOVE CATS)
Get my computer in my room, which is SO exciting (simple things)
and hopefully will find a job asap.

not in London,
will miss my friends (but not far away)
so... to be honest, pro's over cons that won this move to Reading.

Off to Brighton on Tuesday, I then graduate on the 9th, then to Falmouth for a week.
Its the boyfriends birthday as soon as I return, as well as his graduation, and hopefully off to Spain for a week.

Then to come back to find a job with nothing standing in my way.

I will be back within the month, I still have SO much to post up, from Lady Gaga, my exhibition, photoshoots times two, and after these weeks away, probably much much more.
Thats what the two memory cards are for. I expecially can't wait to capture the street style in Brighton and Falmouth.

Well I have left you with an illustration I did a while ago.
Big love for the next month x

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