Thursday, 10 June 2010

GE Camera Compitition

Normally I wouldn't speak badly about anything, especially not on my blog, but I just HAVE to say something about these new GE 'snazzy' cameras. Yes they look fancy, yes they look decent, but don't let the way they look fool you.

Understandably I am used to my SLR camera, but I am not exaggerating when I say the small compact cameras were better than the GE X series SLR-(apparently). The flash made everything yellow, and I am not one to use flash, but when it wasn't on flash everything was blurred.

So with careful photoshopping, I have put the photos to the correct colour, and have uploaded them below, apologies for the terrible small images.
It was most definitely not what I was expecting on a 15 mp camera.

All in all extremely disappointed, but at least I have learnt not to take the risk of using another camera at a fashion show, even if I could win a signed 'Jason Wu' leather camera.

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  1. oooh. see where you think im good with words, you frickin rock with technology. i know nout. nout about all this! also actually im not good with words and when i write i think i sound boring or silly, the real word maverick is miss carrie, im so jealous of her style, its so personal and friendly gah. About this week, i would absolutely love to meet up but its tricky as im moving back home :( however if youre free tomorro (sunday) please do pop over for my bbq. im sure i invited you and holly and lara, woud be wonderful to see you girls. let me no if you need more info xxxx


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