Monday, 7 June 2010

Missing from the Truman Brewery

At my exhibition over the weekend of the 4th -7th June at the Truman Brewery, East London, two of my books went missing.

On the Thursday evening or Friday morning, convent garden (the bottom image) was taken, and on Friday afternoon having come back from lunch, Brick Lane (top image) was taken.

All I would like to know is who went walkies with them, and that they are safe and being loved, there was a lot of work put into them, and were extremely expensive to print and bind, I have lost out on 60 quid from them being taken, so I am just hoping and wishing that they have gone to a safe home.
If you have one of them, please dont be ashamed to say, I would just like to know who the new owners are.

Much Love

and enjoy my babies. x


  1. Boooooo to missing books! Maybe I'll ask my Mum if it was her that nicked the one with me in haha! Nice to see you yesterday. Well done again, the books are absolutely brilliant x

  2. so sorry to hear that I really hope you get them back x

  3. that majorly sucks! also i saw them setting up the exhibition, live around the corner.wish i had known you were there! woulda said hello!

    xx fi

  4. oh no! that seriously blows that someone nicked your books. but also a compliment, right? they really look incredible. so sorry to hear this happened though. xx

  5. ahhh cannot believe someone stole them! how awful.. maybe they just loved them so muchhhh they had to have them :)
    so sorry i couldn't make it.. i ended up going to cambridge the night before and didn't make it back in time the next day!! hope it went well (other than the stolen books) xx

  6. sorry to hear ! i hope you find them on day !

  7. Aww thanks guys. I know it was so shoddy, but hey hoe, what can you do xx

  8. love the photos and sorry for the missing books!


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