Saturday, 17 July 2010

Floral Fascination

So I said I would be back in two weeks, with lots of fun filled photos, but it seems to be that I am going away for another two weeks, how I am affording all this I do not know.

But the lovely boyfriend has bought me tickets to go away to Spain with him, and I am ever so excited, so I shall be re joining you in a couple of weeks, but am leaving you a leaving present of a photo of myself in Brighton with some awsome floral print harem pants. JOY.

Hope your all well, and shall be getting in touch soon xx


  1. love this photo! lucky girl that you've got all these trips going on. sounds lovely. enjoy your time in spain! xx

  2. Have fun in Espana!! You lucky lucky girl :)

    Btw those floral harems look great on you :)



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