Sunday, 1 August 2010

I have a bow in my hair, please hire me

Looking for a job, and asking to be hired is much harder than I thought, leaving the house with a bow in my hair is a little daring, but hey, hopefully I will make an impression (a good one, or not, either one) and they may just remember me...or I will just look like a tool, and stay jobless...

I haven't been back from holiday for too long, and I haven't given out many CV's, but the amount of times I have been over and over the one CV is frightful, and I am getting extremely bored of reading about myself. How do you do it?

Someone hire me, thank you please.


  1. haha i love this! the bow looks perfectly done. am right there with you... except that i've got to finish my dissertation before i go into job hunt overdrive. not funnnn... GOOD LUCK! i'm sure you are going to find the perfect thing. xx


    I found this site with creative jobs might be worth a look! -xX-

  3. I'd hire you! The bow will make you memorable and the job of your dreams will be yours! x

  4. awww thanks you guys.

    I'll have a look at that link. Thanks ever so much


    Its good to be back

  5. oh man, this is when I get scared. If you can't get a job, how the hell will I?!
    p.s miss you!

  6. i lurrrrvs your bow very much :) x


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