Thursday, 5 August 2010

Found - A Kiss on a Starless Night

I have been a big big fan of Wendy Bevan for quite some time now, I just love her colourful projects and her use of soft focus on the old camera. I got awfully excited when I found this, and there is a wonderful video to match on the link below, which is a must see.

This shoot she has done with Sayaka Maruyama is a little different to her usual style, the images are not her usual soft focus, it seems that she is trying something different, and its working for her. Nice one Beven.

Starless Night

Directors and photographers: Wendy Bevan and Sayaka Maruyama
Hair and Head props: Tomihiro Kono
Illustrations: Izzie Klingels
“Starless Night” performed by Wendy Bevan, produced by Paul Simm
Edited by Sayaka Maruyama
All fashion belongs to Wendy Bevan.
Copyright TEST 2010

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