Monday, 2 August 2010

Floral Fantasy

I know I like floral print and carpet bags, but I truly didn't realise how much it is involved in my life until I stood back and took in my work space / bedroom. I thought it was rather delightful, and so I thought to post it up, along side my favourite photo of mine in my floral maxi dress on the rocks in Spain and a rose tea I had at a beautiful cafe in Brighton, the taste of rose flowing through my body, what more could I ask for.


  1. love this selection of photos! always fun to see people's working environment and their inspiration. the first shot of you is gorgeous! xx

  2. We love your workspace.... would you be willing to submit some photo's for our home section? We've got the theme of emerging talent, and think this would be great. x

  3. Rose tea is amaaazzing! Hope you are coming to Bestival lady ? xxx

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous in that floral maxi. You sound like you're having a whale of a time!



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